This service was discontinued 1 May 2019

As communicated in our mailings over the last few months, we have upgraded our cloud platform, in collboration with our partner SenseOne Technologies; a company specialized in cloud computing software for IoT applications.

The upgraded platform gives you the visibility on energy consumption and asset monitoring you are used to in the current eTactica system, but in addition it enables for example the following:

  • Flexible dashboard creation to suit needs: the standard dashboard is shown above but many variations are possible
  • Flexible reports creation
  • Receiving and displaying data from any type of sensor
  • Integration of data from other systems, such as existing ERP systems
  • ...and much more!

This upgrade happened on May 1st, 2019. Since that date, has been unavailable. We would like to invite all existing customers to learn more about the system and how to upgrade.

Q & A

Can I get demo access to the new system?

Yes, please visit this link and sign in with the username and password demo

Will my old data appear in the upgraded system?

Yes, we will make sure any older data is migrated and retained in your upgraded eTactica system.

Will my existing eTactica hardware work with the new system?

All eTactica measurement devices will work with the new system. Same goes for the EG-200 gateway, though a software update is required. The older EG-100 does not work with the new system. Discounts for gateway upgrades are available where needed.

Who do I contact to get more information?

If you are the customer of an eTactica partner, please contact that partner directly. If you obtained your system directly from eTactica, or you are not sure, we invite you to contact